Feasibility Studies

Depending on the scope of the project, a Feasibility Study analyzes and supplies:

  • City code and zoning restrictions
  • Land use
  • Utility availability and Water/Sewer lines install
  • Structural and MEP engineering factors
  • Costs related to construction and design of the building on the site 
  • Site Development
  • Site Orientation and Site Topography
  • Tree Preservation
  • Concepts of schematic design of building to maximize rent/sale possibilities

From this research, Fatter & Evans Architects, Inc. can provide a comprehensive assessment that serves as a guide for determining the economic solution to any building and development interest. 

Since 1995, the firm has witnessed the rapid development of Austin and has conducted an extensive amount of feasibility studies all with the intent of giving the owner the best information for future development decisions. Consequently, F&E has the knowledge and experience of navigating city codes and reducing construction costs to help make your project economically viable. 

Fatter & Evans Architects, Inc. has conducted feasibility studies in preparation to successfully develop the following commercial and Spec Home properties: