Why Hire an Architect To Save You Money and Headaches


Recently, a client called with a project that had spun out of control when renovating a house into a commercial venture. Attempting to do the renovation on his own, he had missed important city code compliance and needed our help to undo the mess. We are now guiding him through hurdles, but employing us at the beginning of the project would have saved him money and headaches.


Here are some points to ponder when starting a project with an architect:

Ultimately, an architect is your best friend in the world of construction and design; he can prevent major slowdowns and introduce cost-prevention measures. As a professional, he goes through an extensive education and certification process to ensure that he has the most current and thorough knowledge of building design and construction. This brings efficiency and long-term value for the owner in many different scenarios like choosing appropriate environmentally responsible practices or determining the best orientation of the structure on the site. Moreover, he communicates adeptly with clients, engineers, contractors, city officials, and community stakeholders to smoothly roll out a project in a timely manner. By hiring and including the architect at the beginning of the project, you avoid mistakes, achieve efficiency, and build long-term value into the site and structure.

For the bullet point reader, here is a shortlist of how architects can save you money and headaches:

  • the ability to select appropriate materials, contractors, and subcontractors at a fair price

  • the ability to listen and translate a client’s specific needs into detailed spatial requirements

  • the ability to communicate project requirements to all project stakeholders

  • focusing on design details that would escape the average consumer in order to enhance functionality and long-term value of building

  • the knowledge of zoning rules and city codes to circumvent time and financial setbacks

  • visiting site during construction to avoid costly construction mistakes

  • the ability to problem solve and execute appropriate measures

  • expert and advisor in green building practices


Building, remodeling, or investing in property can be an overwhelming process. Architects provide useful and specific services to move along your projects. At Fatter & Evans Architects, Inc., we welcome questions and provide a unique and client-focused perspective. Contact us if you’re interested in learning how we can help you design your next home or office/retail space. info@fatterevans.com or (512) 476-3181

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