MotoGP 2014

We have some motorcycling enthusiasts at our firm who went to the Circuit of Americas track to check out MotoGP. If you haven't been yet,  the complex is pretty amazing and worth the visit. Here are some moments from that weekend.

An artistic shot of the tower...

This is the picture right before he went into the turn depicted in the next photo.

The tower stands 251 feet in the air.

For emphasis, I've tried to show the fact that the rider is basically parallel to the ground in this turn. Pretty amazing.

The science and art behind MotoGP never ceases to amaze. The precision of shaving off tenths of a second off a lap time is incredible. We recommend going at least once to check it out. And if you opt for the adventure next year, then we highly recommend bringing a refillable water bottle, earplugs, and comfy shoes. 

Also, it really got us excited about the X Games coming to COTA. It will be a blast!