Manchaca Mondays: Sitework - Not Sexy, but Salient

As part of our Manchaca Monday series, here's a post regarding the importance of paying attention to site work when developing a site. Site work is more than just moving dirt around and laying pipes. This is the foundation for a successful project. Even though talking about retention ponds, water lines, sewer lines, etc. is not sexy, it is vital for a project to function properly in the long term and when emergencies arise. 

At the moment, our development on Manchaca Road is concerned with digging trenches and laying pipes. When one of our principals visited the site today, he noticed a fire hydrant pointed in the wrong direction which could cause problems down the line. Additionally, he saw a 2 inch domestic water pipe being laid in a less than favorable way. The domestic water pipe came to intersection with some electrical components and had been laid at an angle on top of the electrical with only sand as a cushion separating the water lines and electrical. Our principal expressed concern that sand doesn't hold up very well and the water pipe could break over time under the weight of the dirt and water. 

The problem has since been addressed. However, it shows the importance of site visits and taking the time to see the site work is completed correctly and in the best interest of the functionality of the site. 


In the next couple of weeks, utilities should be done and we'll be moving on to pouring concrete. Thanks for stopping by; check in soon for more updates!